Leading the software technology innovations, the 3D architectural rendering and visualization industry is a powerful and efficient area, growing the capabilities of rendering artists, architects, and designers. The processing power of computers and the server farms continue to become more influential and effectual with time. This allows the people who are less spatially-inclined towards the work, to understand it in a new, interesting, and easy way.

This is the reason why rendering artists look for new ways to cultivate experience. It is achieved either by still images, videos or by experimenting with new innovations in software and computer technology, propelling experiential visualization to newer heights.

Here are 5 innovations in the 3D visualization technology, that are bringing about a leap in the design industry:

  1. Virtual Reality

The VR is predicted to be one of the most common piece of technology in the households, 5 years from now. Google and Facebook, two most influential technology companies in the world, are putting great efforts and resources on this technology.

The design and construction industries are going to experience a significant change with the advent of the VR. Bringing a leap in the architectural industry, the rendering artists are already using this technology to tailor make pre-rendered experiences, allowing the clients and the investors to feel the reality of the design.On job sites, where the contracts and the project managers could virtually walk through the building, to identify the potential problems would also be possible using this technology. The era of VR has begun and is to be explored further.

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  1. Real-Time Rendering

The Real-Time Rendering is being used by the video gaming giants like Sony to quickly render their games in real time as the player moves their character through an environment. This technology is now being used to create canned virtual experiences that let people dwell in an unbuilt piece of art or architecture.Combing the RTR with the VR, a lot of things can be achieved. But the high developmental costs are the sole reason why this technology has taken so long to migrate to the construction industry. With every improvement in the technology, it will become much affordable and more widely used.

  1. Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is not new to the technological world. It has just grown a lot more now and is much easily accessible than it was a few years back.Cloud computing helps to boost the fidelity of the work of the individuals and freelancers. Although this technology is not very cheap, with no server farm in your studio apartment, it is a boon!

  1. Quantum Computing

The Quantum Computing is a substantial leap off the outer fringes of science fiction. Unlike the bits and bytes, and the ones and zeros of the traditional computer, the quantum computing works on the principle that a quantum bit is not limited to being only defined by one or a zero. A quantum bit can have many potential states, or what the science calls superpositions of states. These superpositions make the computer really fast, enabling you to process the data and computations exponentially faster than what is currently possible.

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  1. 3D Printing

The 3D Visualization innovation is not strictly confined to the virtual realms. Before such advanced technologies, building physical models was the only alternative for the designers and architects to offer their clients with a visual representation of their design. There are many alternatives that have seeped in, stealing the light from physical models. Yet the impact and the importance of physical models remains.

The innovation in 3D printing technology prevents designers from relapsing to the days of the physical modelling. The 3D printers are now very cheap and easy to use. The 3D printers are now being used as means to create presentation level models, and also as design tools. It has enabled the architects to get a new perspective of the on-screen design, through the several printed iterations of the design, leading to better designing, and communication between client and the designer.

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With such vast technology taking over, and even more cutting-edge technology to be explored, there ought to be some fundamental change in the 3D architectural visualization and rendering industry. Bringing people closer to a one-to-one experience, allows the designers to realise their hobby-horses. Very often, the intent of the design is lost while going through the long procedure of getting a permit, coordinating, and value engineering. Turning it into a more virtual experience implants a seed in the minds of the clients, and also offers a clear path towards the better construction of buildings.

If you wish to witness the power of 3D visualisation, visit HAB Creative Housing. We are an architecture firm in Brant-ford, Canada, offering comprehensive services related to 3D rendering, architecture and engineering. If you have a project in mind, get in touch and we’ll be glad to put it into a realistic model, or a live edifice.